SUMMER ALERT-keep your deodorant in a cool place to prevent melting

Our Story

My name is Eliza (left), I'm a single mother of two girls, and in 2016 I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer at the age of 43. Learning I had to go through chemotherapy was the scariest part for me.

Katie (right), my life long best friend, was at the appointment where we both learned of my diagnosis and treatment plan. Walking out of that appointment still in shock, Katie vowed that she was going to help me get through this.

Katie, already being knowledgeable about natural remedies, researched all she could about chemo and natural supplements. Things I needed to add to my diet and lifestyle to keep my body strong. I was able to get through my treatments with only small side effects. 

Katie also found in her research that there have been links between breast cancer and the chemicals used in antiperspirants. The aluminum used in antiperspirants blocks the pores that release sweat. Sweating is one way your body releases toxins. 

We both were on a crusade to find an all natural deodorant that actually worked without having to reapply mid day. We couldn't find one. Frustrated, Katie decided she would try to make her own. I was skeptical when she said it actually worked, but I tried it, and was shocked at how well it worked! We gave it to family and friends to try and they all loved it. That's when we decided to share B.O. BEDIENT with all of you!

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